2022.11.23 Vebinaras „A Right to Work from Everywhere“

Data: 2022 m. lapkričio 23  d. 13.05 val. Lietuvos laiku
Vieta: renginys bus rodomas tiesiogiai internetu (Zoom), užsiregistravusiems bus atsiųsta prisijungimo nuoroda.

PVPA priklauso European Association for People Management (EAPM), kuri kviečia visus PVPA narius dalyvauti pasidalijimo patirtimi vebinare apie Nyderlandų priimtus įstatymus dėl darbo iš namų. Vebinaras vyks anglų kalba, tad renginio anonsas žemiau pateikiamas angliškai.

As part of our strategy to produce Country-specific ‘sharing unique practice’ events, please join us as we hear from Lucas van Wees, past EAPM President, Treasurer WFPMA and NVP/ Netherlands Delegate.

The Dutch parliament recently approved legislation to establish work-from-home as a legal right, making the Netherlands one of the first countries to grant remote working flexibility by law. The bill is currently going through the Senate for approval. The pandemic has fuelled a shift in attitudes about work, with many workers seeking to maintain some of the flexibility they’ve experienced over the last two years. The legislation will require employers to consider employees’ requests to work from home as long as their professions allow it.

Lucas will be sharing further insights and the impact this new law will have on HR and People Managers in the Netherlands. This session will be recorded and made available to National Associations to share with their Members and network.



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