2022.02.10 Hybrid event „Leading in a Hybrid World: turning threats into possibilities“. RENGINYS NUKELIAMAS

SVARBU: dėl lektoriaus ligos renginys nukeliamas, naują datą paskelbsime, kai tik ją suderinsime.

Data: 2022 m. vasario 10 d. 10:00 -12:00 val.
Vieta: gyvai Ibis Vilnius Centre, Rinktinės g. 18, Vilnius bei internetu.

Renginys vyks anglų kalba, tad ir aprašymas skelbiamas šia kalba.
Leading and working in times of high uncertainty is challenging us in a big way to change our approaches to leadership and management. In this event we will both take a strategic AND pragmatic look at what it takes to succeed in 2022. The assumption is that hybrid work will stay with significant impact on companies, leaders, employees and other stakeholders. For many this is uncomfortable, but a reality that cannot be avoided.
In this event we will outline a strategic approach to hybrid work. This framework can help HR Leaders and other senior Leaders to identify priorities for their business in 2022. The speaker will also specifically dive into the challenges for leaders in “making hybrid work”. What are do’s and don’ts? What are leadership capabilities that need to be strong in a virtual world and how can these be built? One very effective tool that companies can relatively easy implement is mentoring / reverse mentoring. It is an affordable and very effective way to increase loyalty and accelerate growth if implemented well. How does this work? What can HR do to make this quickly highly successful?

The event is offered by BMI Executive Institute and designed for HR-leaders as well as others who strive to lead in an effective and future-fit way. The speaker of the event is BMI professor Aad JCM van Vliet, senior global HR executive and Founding Partner and Global Lead of Avvartes Partners GmbH.

Dalyvio mokestis: PVPA nariams ir BMI kviestiniams svečiams dalyvavimas nemokamas. Ne PVPA nariams renginio kaina 30 EUR.

SVARBU: dėl lektoriaus ligos renginys nukeliamas, naują datą paskelbsime, kai tik ją suderinsime.

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Kilus klausimams, susisiekite su projektų vadove Renata Starkiene el. paštu renata@pvpa.lt arba tel. 8 652  50517.



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