2020.12.18 Webinar: „What can KAM and HR Management share about informal influencing?”

Data ir laikas: gruodžio 18 d.,  13:15- 14:15 val.
Vieta: renginys bus rodomas tiesiogiai internetu, užsiregistravusiems bus atsiųsta transliacijos nuoroda.

Tai yra bendras PVPA ir AKAM (Association for Key Account Management) renginys apie „minkštosios” įtakos darymą. Renginys vyks anglų kalba, tad toliau visa informacija pateikiama angliškai.

This webinar offers the combined experience of Ramūnas Bagdonas, People and Engagement Head for Telia Lithuania, a leading Telco and IT provider, and Geoff Quinn, Director of KAM Centre of Excellence for Pfizer Global, moderated by Dr Mantas Tvarijonavicius, Board Member of Lithuania’s association of HR professionals (PVPA).

Key account managers rarely have direct authority and must depend heavily on informal influencing. For some people it’s second nature, for others it’s a constant struggle. So this is a great opportunity to learn from people who have similar issues but potentially more training in how to influence rather than direct or order because that’s never going to work in either function.

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