Išrinktojo EAPM prezidento Even Bolstad sveikinimas

Dalinamės Even Bolstad, netrukus perimsiančio EAPM (European Association for People Management, kurios nariai yra ir PVPA) prezidento postą, pamąstymais ir sveikinimu.

Dear colleagues,

Last Christmas few of us were even thinking about the risk for a pandemic. Then Covid struck. Suddenly people and organization became core focus in most organizations. Expectations to HR were high. And what a fantastic job we have done – we have delivered. Be proud!

Today is the shortest and darkest day of 2020. Winter solstice is a traditional symbol and an opportunity to celebrate that sunshine is on its way. Brighter days will come – also in 2021. Although the threat of virus of course is present and recent news from UK are alarming, the vaccine is on its way.

And maybe especially when times are dark, we better focus on the light and the opportunities that lies ahead of

us. 2020 became the year for learning much and fast. Let us continue on that track in 2021. Covid has given us a fantastic momentum for change and to create a better working life. Let’s use the opportunity to show what the profession is good for. To the benefit of companies, individuals and the society that binds us all together.

Now it is time for Christmas. Time for reflection, time for family and time for recharge. Remember that unless you are able to take care of yourself, you will not be able to take care of others.

Merry Christmas all of you; and indeed, we are looking forward to a much better 2021 than the year we have behind us.

Take care, stay safe.

Even Bolstad


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