Kategorija: Vebinaras
Data: 2023-09-06 10:00 - 11:00
Vieta: Nuotolinis
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Vebinaro metu bus išsamiau pristatomas 2023 metais Personalo valdymo gerosios praktikos konkursui įmonės EPAM Systems pateiktas projektas. Ačiū kolegoms, kurie sutiko plačiau pasidalinti su PVPA bendruomene.

Vebinaras vyks anglų kalba, tad ir aprašymas skelbiamas šia kalba.

In a world reshaped by the new normal, businesses have encountered many external and internal challenges over recent years. These challenges have impacted both employers and employees, resulting in broken connections and a lack of belonging to the Employer brand and company’s values.

How to choose the tactics to address the situation and increase loyalty and engagement?

Join us in the session to delve into approaches to establishing and nurturing trust-based connections with employees while actively involving them in driving initiatives within the company.

We will provide our tactics for maintaining and increasing employee engagement in remote work while ensuring cost-effectiveness and transforming the role of HR team involvement in the organization of initiatives. You will gain insights into strategies, communication techniques, and leadership approaches that facilitate the development of an atmosphere built on mutual trust and a sense of belonging.


Tatsiana Artsisheuskaya, Head of HR,
Vaida Juknevičiūtė, Events & Communities Specialist,
Maryna Mytnik, Communications Manager,
Gintarė Rėpšaitė, Lead People Operations Specialist.


Dr. Mantas Tvarijonavičius, partner and consultant, Goodpeople.lt

Dalyvio mokestis/Participation fee: free to PVPA members, 25 euros for non-members.

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