Kategorija: Vebinaras
Data: 2024-06-06 12:00 -
Vieta: Nuotolinis
Jeigu turite klausimų: Simona Daugintienė el. paštas -> simona@pvpa.lt
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European HR webinar: A Cross-Cultural Dialogue with Fons Trompenaars on 6 June 11:00 CET.

We will be joined by Fons Trompenaars who was recently awarded the coveted George Petitpas award by the World Federation of People Management. Fons has redefined our idea of leadership to include the ability to resolve competing cultural and business dilemmas and propel organisations forward.

In every culture in the world such phenomena as authority, bureaucracy, creativity, good fellowship, verification and accountability are experienced in different ways. The essence of culture is not what is visible on the surface. It is the shared ways groups of people understand and interpret the world. In every culture a limited number of general, universally shared human problems need to be solved. The problems are shared by mankind; their solutions are not and therefore allowing to distinguish one culture from another.

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